Thursday, April 30, 2015

The creature within

You ever saw that movie Species?

It's about an alien chick whose only mission in life was to fu@k and get pregnant.
Hm. Dang when I say it like that, thats like" umm wtf, over sexualized misogyny much?!".... but i digress,  I actually thought that movie was kinda hot ... smh

Sometimes I swear it really is like that. As someone who has never truly been loyal to a relationship until now, has never had to hold back from things I truly wanted. Why should I? YOLO right? I'm not saying I slept around, but I definitely kept a seasonal boo around.

I still cant get over the fact that I have been a called a succubus a few times as well. It baffles me because all I could think was "wow, what are the odds that 3 separate people have called me a succubus; WHO USES THAT WORD ANYMORE o.O wow those are low odds, life is cool"....

I was actually flattered.
I think i might be a narcissist too..-_-' great.

Anyway, so I believe that succubus go through moments where , after sucking the "soul" out of somebody (for me, their "soul" would be their liveliness, they go back into their homes and "hibernate", aka behave. Then every once in awhile, the succubus is triggered and she's on a rampage until she wears herself out, gets what she wants or becomes turned off.

Sometimes I feel so confused because I know I am a good person , for the most part (or at least I try to be). Then why is this the battle I get? Dealing with this, along with random bouts of depression is sometimes insane.This really is my challenge and I want to win.

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