Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What is Sexual Addiction for 300

So what is sexual addiction?

Sexual addiction has many aspects to it. It actually doesn't always deal with person to person intercourse. 

Ha, intercourse. 

As a matter of fact, my sexual addiction has not much to do with the direct act of sex. 

It's more like the addiction to a certain intensity of energy that most receive from the act of sex, or the acts leading up to sex. That energy is obtained through masturbation, flirtation, sex,  and sexually charged interaction. 

It becomes an addiction when you constantly seek that energy even when it hurts yourself and others constantly.

 It's an addiction when it becomes a subconscious need like any other drug or habit. 

I'm addicted to getting to know people that catch my attention. I need to feel their energy and manipulate it to my own wants and needs. It happens so often I don't even know that I'm doing it. 
That energy for me is obtained through flirting. I love the feeling and excitement of exploring other human beings. It's like reading an amazing book. 

After awhile though my energy intertwining in their energy begins  to get dark and manifests into something neither one of us directly want. 

Sometimes the energy becomes so dark, a monster inside of me is creates and itching to be triggered and released. My own subconscious becomes quiet until the person I am is in a daze, unaware, experiencing a sorta sleep. 

Then I'm simply just gone. 

The memories of what I've done are usually fuzzy. The pain of regret is in my heart and all I can do is just cry. 

That is sex addiction. 

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