Monday, February 27, 2017


Sometimes I feel trapped in my inability to be satisfied. People do not satisfy me or maybe my expectation is beyond the human conditioning. I dont know. It seems others are so simple. the bare minimum is a feat. How does one not selfishly take command of others. People in general are so stupid....

I am tired of people. Maybe the idea of ALONE doesnt nee to be so bad, but it a lifestyle change. To be alone means to no longer invest feelings in others right? I think that's what I want. I'm tired of being in an area in life that I have to be vulnerable, I have t be open, I have to be receptive to toerhs.

Fuck, I'm tired of the feeling of wanting. I'm tired of wanting to feel noticed. I dont want to be those women who have settled into unfilfilling marriages They are no longer sexual beings, they are just their spouse's favorite pillow.

I would rather be alone than to yearn for something I will never recieve. I feel hurt, I feel angry. I feel trapped inside myself. I'm exhausted with the feeling of it all/ I'm overwhelmed by the feeling of my space being invaded. I'm annoyed that Om in a rlationship and feel so alone.

Not tht I need anyone, but please just let me close up and be to myself then. But thats not what i signed up for either... fuck.

i just want a reason to feel as if my efforts are worth something....

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